A normal day under the sea, Brittany and Blue were sea dogs, a unique  creature of the sea.

They lived in the west part of the ocean. It was beautiful. There were colorful coral reefs,colourful rocks that shined in the sunlight, and catfish that they could swim after.

They were curious to find treasure that the wise one has been looking for for hundreds of years but never lost hope of finding it.

Brittany and Blue decided to go look for the treasure. They had not told anyone that they were going  because if they did they would get punished. They started going to the rock. That’s where it said to go on the map . It was HUGE. It’s hard to miss it.

All of a sudden they started moving faster and out of control that’s when they realized there was a HUGE ship.

“We’re gettin’ suuucked IN!” cried Brittany in her obnoxious voice.

“I think we are getting pulled into heaven” said Blue in his goofy voice

“Wait, it’s a ship!” said Brittany.

The sea dogs also have incredible unbreakable claws that can slice through anything so when they were getting sucked in by the jets on the back of the ship they cut the bottom of the boat. Now it is sinking. They swam like they never swam before to avoid getting crushed by the boat.

They came back to the ship and it was huge.

“This smells awful Brittany. Oh that’s just me” said Blue as his cheeks turned red.

They had no idea where they were. It looked abandoned like no one has ever been here. There was trash and clothes and a bunch of glass. The air was thick, well in this case the water with gasoline. The ocean water was a different color then home. It also looked like there was a tube like a sewer drain. they went through the tube and all of a sudden They saw this HUGE rock that looked perfectly shaped into a rectangle.  the boat crashed near a city.

”We are in a city” said Brittany nervously.

They went in for a closer look of the city.

Then a human came up to them and said something that they could not understand. Brittany and Blue went up to the shore and everybody seemed to run away. So they ran after them. They realized they were running away from the Sea Dogs. The Sea dogs are  scary with big sharp claws and weird snouts.

Then a guy with a red and white suit picked them up and smiled.  He was not afraid of the weird looking Sea dogs.

He took them to his home. It was small and had a bunch of random stuff in it.

“Brittany, what is this place” said Blue in a scared cowardly voice.

The walls were dark green and the floor was cold. The man was talking in what seemed like gibberish to them.

A month later, of staying in this strange place. They had gotten used to this new world and they started understanding him.

“Blue, he can understand us now ” Brittany said excitedly.

They all eventually became close friends. One day the man brought them to this place with comfy seats and a GINORMOUS t.v. There were people flying in ships with colorful lights.

Blue asked “Where is Brittany?”

The man said she was outside looking at this giant poster of the sea dogs. It said “The Sea dog STINK!! Go home” Brittany and Blue were really sad because of the poster.   The man knew the person that made the poster and told them that person was selfish and mean.

They then realized that they wanted to go home.

The man drove them to the beach gave them a hug but blue and brittany brought something from the man’s home to remember him they were really far away from home so they had a long swim home to talk about there journey.

“It feels  so good to be home,” said Blue





The first thing I did at the beginning of vacation is go over to a birthday party.

I went over to Paxton’s birthday party along with Thomas I was pretty excited because I have not been to a birthday party in a month but we could not go anywhere because of the corona virus.

Paxton’s mom picked me up at the gas station Thomas was already in the car. On our way there we threw around a little orange ball made of yarn for entertainment.
We finally got there and the first thing we did was go into Paxton’s room this was Thomas’s first time being at his house so we showed him around.

His little brother and sister greeted us by yelling it was not the best sound but his little sister Amelia offered us something to drink I had a ginger ale and Thomas had some coke Paxton also had ginger al.   After are drinks we went downstairs to play basketball then we decided to go outside and up to the tree fort and throw stuff off.

After that satisfying moment we went for a little walk in the woods with Ben his little brother Thomas said we should go see the cow heads but we did not we decided to do it tomorrow so we went back home.

After we made it back home we went down to the basement again we went in the treadmill for fun but we put it on 12 and me and Paxton’s were on together and Paxton went flying.  I  tripped on top of Paxton and got my hand stuck under that felt great 🤕 and Paxton’s back got scratched up and I got half of my nail ripped off the whole side of one of my arms was bruised and bleeding and Thomas was fine.

After that happened we went back to Paxton’s room played basket ball in there then it was pizza time that was supper good then we had ice cream and cake that was also good.
We went in Paxton’s room and watched chucky it was funny not that scary though.

After like an hour we went outside of Paxton’s room to watch a different show I don’t know why we watched a movie well part of it.   Then back in Paxton’s room with some popcorn we finished Chucky then tried to go to sleep but we just kind of  wrestled and talked until 3. The dog peed on Thomas that was the most funniest part of the night Paxton and I were dying of laughter then finally  went back to bed and woke up at seven sadly.

But we had like the best breakfast ever we had leftover pizza French toast and hash browns homemade that was soooooooooooooooo good!!!!

After that delish breakfast we went in to the woods Thomas Ben the dog and I all ran away by then Ben gave us away.   Paxton showed us the cow heads they were super cool then we headed to the abandoned house that had burnt dolls in it I was kinda nervous but exited then Paxton’s parents came with us Paxton did not really like that but it was probably smart because we were going down to the water fall.
it was really pretty I felt amazed in how beautiful it was we wanted to go to the other side of it so we went for a three mile walk!!! Good exercise though Paxton and I sang a song that we saw from a video for like the whole time. We finally made Paxton almost got crushed by a tree. I almost broke my butt and Thomas was SOAKED. We did not cross sadly then on the way back it felt a lot shorter Paxton and I ran away from Thomas all the way back the locked him out we let him in though then we all hung out.

Then we went HOME



going to see my great-grandmother

Sunday morning I woke up at nine o clock and then my dad woke up and said what time is it. I  said it’s nine o’clock and he was like we got to go!! So I said where and he said to great Grammys so we woke my sister up and I took a shower got dressed got all my stuff into the car for my moms. We took off we made it to the park and ride to get into my grandmother’s and my uncle was there to he was sitting in the front and his dog penny in the way back next to me.

We started to drive and my grandmother bought us muffins at Hannaford so we had those for breakfast and I played on my phone and listened to music we all talked together for a long time and then I asked my grandmother how much longer and she said two hours and I was like OH NOOOO!!!!! I hate long car rides.

We made it about halfway and I was bored so I said hi to Penny and let her lick my hand then had some chips.

We were almost there my great-grandmother lives in the middle of nowhere. I said hi to her. She lives with my aunt because she needs someone to take care of her. I sat down on the couch with my dad and we all talked about how our lives are going and school and stuff like.

So after we all hung out my dad said let’s eat so my aunt showed us all the food there was some macaroni and cheese and ground beef and stuffing and coleslaw. My grandmother got my plate after everybody got their plate we all sat down and started to eat the food.  It was really good😋 after everybody was done we had some delicious dessert I had some awesome and just a couple bits I was full.

After we were done eating we talked about Christmas and what we are going to do for Christmas like what day because that might be that last day that we see her😢😢😢 because she is 94 hopefully not though because we all love her.




the missing reading logs

Today Mrs.Mitchell might have thrown our reading logs in the recycling so we convinced Ms. Kristen to go dumpster diving so after a few minutes she came back covered in the trash but she found the reading logs!!!

Ms. Kristen went out on a scavenger hunt for Mrs. Mitchell and found her we interviewed her and she said she did not know that they were our reading logs because they were scattered every so she threw them away people are saying that the reading logs were not scattered when they put there’s in so maybe someone did it.


I felt anxious when they found out they were in the trash because I thought that they would not get them back and I also thought that they would not find mine.

Football game

 IT  was Sunday afternoon all the way in Windham also game day.

 We were playing Windham at 2:00 and I was pumped I felt great about this game.

We had our orange  Jerseys on for away.

Brady was there and so was the team that sprained his ankle they were huge and mostly 6th graders.

They were excited to see Brady and Brady was excited to see them there coach felt the same way and I also think that they felt bad for Brady but Brady was still happy.

They had just beat Windham so they were pretty tired because the Windham that they played was also mostly 6th grader 

Brady was our  quarterback but he can not play for the rest of the season which suck´s 

Portland also had a kid on crutches

We had lost the coin toss so we went on the kick-off

We are trying a new kick and kicker his name is Wyatt  he plays soccer too he is really good at both

We are trying to kick it low and to the front line so they could not gain many yards and maybe get a turnover.

Wyatt screamed right side read  left side ready we slammed are pads and yelled back ready then  Wyatt held up his hand and boom kicked right in the sweet spot right to the ground in front of a lineman they had to jump on it and since he is on the ground he cant run

We went on the defense and I was pumped and ready to get some tackles. 

This team is pretty good at offense they have a good quarterback I think that he is a 6th grader.

They ran a  play just outside the right and got about a  twenty yard gain.

And then they did the same play and I tried to contain the outside so they could not get past me but they went on the other side and got a TD.

  They went for extra points there quarterback threw a pass and the wide receiver he caught it and sprinted to the endzone and got extra points.

e went on kick return I line up on the first line and I almost got the ball someone in the back got it and ran like 10 or 15 yards so that got us to little past where I stand.  

We went on offense.

Austin is are the new quarterback  and nick is are main running back  

we usually run the ball but we decided to pass the ball and it did not work.

We ran another play we gave the ball to nick for a run and he almost got us a 

touchdown but not yet.

After two more tries of running the ball, it was fourth down which means we only have one more try to get it about 15 yards  or we punt it and we went for it and I felt 

determined but we did not get it so we went on the kick-off

We did the same thing just with regular kicker his name is Richard.

We kicked it right down the middle but someone picked it up and ran with it and got 

on like the 30 yard line on that run so now they only had 30 more yards until a TD.

I went back on defense and they ran a run to get them like ten yards

They ran another play similar and  Boom I knocked him on his butt and I yelled yeah let’s goo

They ran a pass to the wide receiver on the right in the end zone they 

They went for extra points but they did not get the extra points

So we went back on the kick return and got the ball we ran some yards and then the buzzer went off for halftime were we were still on offense

Now we were fired up ready to play a new game and that’s what we did we got about 30 yards we gave the ball to sam and he was gone 20 yards to go 

We ran a play that we had practiced it was a double fake and then a handoff during the run and BOOM the crowd goes wild everybody was cheering

 now time for extra points and we got those extra points

 Buzzzzz third quarter

 we went on kick off and kicked the ball just like last time, except they did not gain any yards and it was sort of in the air but someone jumped on it so we went on defense.

 They ran a pass got about 20 yards because the tight end tripped and when they ran another pass someone on my team got an interception so we went on offense we ran a long pass and he CAUGHT IT!! We were all super pumped

 then the play that we ran earlier and got the second touchdown and also the extra 

points we were winning but only by 2 though

We went on offense and ran a running play to sam molan and got another touchdown we  were taking the lead

Then we went on kick off and I got a turnover but another kid was on it so they said he got but we still got a turn over which lead us into 4th quarter on offense

 we sword of struggled for a little bit on the last offense so we had to turn it over

We went on the defense and kept on tackling them until the game was

Over and we won the second game and it was exciting

We met over by the endzone and talked about the game and know the coach does a bunch of cheeseburgers because of every turn over the person who got it gets a cheeseburger.

So after the game, my dad walked me up to my mom’s car and I said bye and my sister, my mom, her boyfriend and I all went to buffalo wild wings with my teammate Richard and we had a fun time.

By the time we left it was already around 8:30 so my sister had to go to bed and I gotta stay downstairs and watch t.v with my mom

I got to go to bed knowing that my team won that game…